Ability Augmentation
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Ando augments Matt's telepathy so that he can hear the minds of everyone in the city

Ability augmentation is the ability to strengthen other abilities.



Paulette Hawkins

Paulette could augment the abilities of others. She did not seem to produce any sort of spark or visible sign when she used the ability. It could have a negative effect on the other person, such as when she forced Brandon Lewis to permanently mimic a tree.

Ando Masahashi

Ando can augment the abilities of others. When he does, it is visible as a form of red energy, like a spark or lightning. This energy can also be used offensively to injure or kill, to destroy electronic equipment and to perform electro-shock therapy, and he has occasionally just produced small amounts of red sparks in his hands with no other effect apart from being visible. The ability has also been called "supercharging".

Keitaro Kiryuu

Keitaro can do the same as Ando with the ability, as he absorbed the ability from him. However, he is yet to discover the additional uses apart from augmenting. He can use the ability on others or on the other abilities he has absorbed, and he can then specifically target which ability he strengthens.

Liz Jones

Liz has absorbed this ability from Keitaro. She therefore has the same limits as Keitaro and Ando.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has the same limits as Ando, but could also potentially use the ability to augment himself.

Noah Gray

Noah has the same limits as Peter.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has the same limits as Peter and her brother.

Lily Stevens

Lily has very similar limits to Ando. She too displays the ability as a red spark. She can augment others and herself, use the energy offensively and use it to destroy electrical equipment. Sometimes her augmentation can have a permanent effect, such as when she augmented Danny Maxxted's life/death touch, enabling him to revive. She seems able to choose which ability she augments, if she focuses on a particular one, but if not, she will either augment the more active one, or the ability the person is using or attempting to use at the time.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Since Daniel mimicked this ability from Lily, he has the same limits as she does. He can use it to augment his own abilities and then chooses which one he affects.

Anna Vaughan

Since she duplicated this ability from Lily, Anna has the same limits.

Katie Greene

Katie too will have similar limits to her mother.

Fiona Stone

Fiona's ability will be derived from her mother's ability manipulation and mimicry. She will be capable of augmenting the abilities of others, enabling them to achieve a potential of ability use which they otherwise couldn't. It will often have a permanent effect. She will manifest this ability when she augments her mother, giving Leora the ability to heal herself as well as other people. Normally, the augmentation will be invisible, but she could also make it visible as a coloured spark of light. She won't be able to augment her own abilities. However, she won't be immune, meaning that she could be possibly augmented by others. The energy form used in the augmentation could also released as an offensive attack, or used to destroy electrical equipment.

Similar Abilities

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