Ability Blocking

Having an ability blocked can cause a person to collapse
Ability to:
block the abilities of others
Unnamed Man

Ability blocking is the ability to block an ability, so that the individual who has that ability can no longer access it but still possesses it.


  • An unnamed man in the explosion timeline of World 3 had this ability naturally.


This man could block any ability specifically, without harming the individual's other abilities. The ability would still be present, but could no longer be used. There was no visible sign when he blocked an ability, but he did require skin contact to do so. He was initially unsure whether he'd be able to block a multiple ability without also removing the abilities gained with it. However, this did turn out to be possible. Having an ability blocked could cause someone to pass out, and to be slightly weak for a while afterwards. The blocked ability would still be present within the individual, only unaccessible, and it could still be absorbed from a person, or accessed if the block was removed, bypassed or undone. This ability was only displayed in the alternate timeline.

Similar Abilities

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