Ability Borrowing
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Borrowing an ability
Ability to:
borrow an ability from another person

Ability borrowing is the power to borrow the ability of another, taking it from that person temporarily.



Stella Smith

When Stella first manifested and borrowed another's ability, she seemed unaware of it at first, until she noticed that Ebon had lost his biokinesis, and her own ability was identified later. She didn't borrow the ability deliberately, but it could have been triggered by the dangerous situation she was in at the time, since they were both caught in a car crash. By now, she can control her ability fully, and only borrows an ability when she wants to do so. She must have physical contact with a person to borrow an ability and to return it, and the person will lose the ability until it is returned. She could potentially remove the ability permanently.

Caryn Whitcombe and Caryn Whitcombe Snr

Caryn is able to borrow a singular ability from any evolved human. She needs touch to do so, and at first, she was borrowing an ability every time she touched someone who had one, before she learned to control her own ability. She quickly gains control of any ability she borrows, no matter how much control or skill the original owner of the ability has. Her donor temporarily loses the ability while she has it, but she can either choose to return the ability by touching him or her again, or it will automatically return when she swaps the ability for another. If she didn't do this, she could theoretically keep an ability for her lifetime.

Nick Ryan

Nick can borrow any person's ability with one touch, which doesn't have to be skin contact. It doesn't matter what species the person is. He can also occasionally borrow abilities common to an entire species, but finds it easier and more natural to borrow an unique power. When he borrows one, the other person will lose the ability temporarily, but it only lasts for 24 hours, and he can also deliberately let go of an ability and release it earlier. He doesn't need contact or even proximity to return one.

Marshall Maitland-McKay

Marshall will be able to borrow the ability of another person using physical contact. He will only be able to borrow one at a time. Normally, he will choose the ability he targets in his mind, but if he doesn't do this he will automatically gain the ability that individual last used. There will be a brief flash of light whenever he borrows an ability. The original person will temporarily lose his or her ability while Marshall has it, but he will be able to return it at any time, without needing contact. He will first use this ability when he borrows ability granting from a cousin and gives his father abilities.

Similar Abilities

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