Ability Catching

Catching an energy ball
Ability to:
catch abilities directed at the user
Jerry Hardy

Gareth Maitland

Ability catching is the ability to 'catch' any ability used against oneself and to redirect it at will.


  • Jerry Hardy has this ability.
  • Gareth Maitland will also possess this ability naturally.


Jerry Hardy

Jerry is able to 'catch' any ability used against him. When catching an ability, he can either decide to throw the attack back or destroy the attack. This can be used to capture abilities like energy balls, or any other ability used against him. The captured ability can appear as a sphere of unknown energy in the palm of his hand if it is energy-based, but an ability which is not energy-based can still be captured and used if it is offensive. It will not always be visible. The ability is consciously activated, so Jerry can still be harmed by an attack if he doesn't see it coming.

Gareth Maitland

Gareth will be capable of "catching" other abilities. When a person tries to use an ability on, against or near him, he will be able to raise his hand and capture the ability's effect in his hand. He will then be able to destroy it or throw it back. However, if that person has any form of self-immunity, throwing the ability back wouldn't work. All abilities will appear as a sphere of red light in his fist, regardless of whether they previously had a different appearance or no visible appearance at all.

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