Ability Creation
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Producing a new ability
Ability to:
produce any ability the user wants

Ability creation is the ability to create and use any ability or abilities the individual chooses.



Jack Capet

Jack can create up to two abilities at any given time. He is not limited on which abilities he can produce, but it takes several seconds to successfully change powers, and longer if the new ability is more powerful. He will always be limited to only two different abilities at any given point. If he tries to give himself a third ability, he will lose the one that he's held the longest. However, if he's exchanging abilities, he can choose which one to lose.

Kay Westfield

Kay can create any singular ability she can think of, and in this she is only limited by her imagination. She can hold up to 3 abilities at one time. However, she cannot give herself multiple abilities, and struggles to give herself complex abilities with several aspects. She needs to hold each ability consciously, and will lose it if distracted. She then struggles to recreate that ability. It usually takes several days before she can do so. She is also limited by her severe mental unstability, and by the fact that her ability has been artificially made to be unstable and caused to malfunction.

Gabriel Gray

Gabriel has the same numerical limits as Kay - i.e. he can only create up to 3 abilities at a time. He also needs to hold the ability consciously. He struggles less to recreate an ability once lost, and the ability also seems less unstable with him and malfunctions less often. However, he has still only been seen using this ability a few times.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has the same limits as Gabriel, but has never used this ability.

Abbie Gray

Abbie again has the same limits as her father.

Noah Gray

Noah too has the same limits as his father.

Similar Abilities

  • Creation is the ability to create anything
  • Ability adaptation is the ability to give oneself an ability in order to fight during combat
  • Ability shifting is the ability to gain a different ability, either by choice or at random
  • Ability transmutation is the ability to change the abilities of others
  • Tattoo can be used to gain different abilities from tattoos on one's body
  • Musical empathy can be used to gain different abilities from music
  • Zodiac is the ability to gain different abilities depending on which sign of the zodiac one is currently in

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