Ability Disruption
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Revealing an invisible man
Ability to:
disrupt the abilities of others
Whittaker Calwin

Mortimer Yates

Future Villain

Kaede Petrelli

Ability disruption is the ability to consciously make the abilities of others ineffective temporarily.


  • Whittaker Calwin possesses this ability naturally.
  • Mortimer Yates has this ability naturally.
  • A villain will possess this ability in the future of World 2.
  • Kaede Petrelli will have this ability naturally too.


Whittaker Calwin

Whittaker will be able to consciously disrupt the use of other abilities. He could make other abilities ineffective or slightly unstable for a short amount of time. Whittaker could disrupt any person's ability and cause it to not function; however this is only temporary. It is unknown how long he could make a person's ability ineffective for, but it is known that it cannot be permanent. This ability may stem from his father's ability to manipulate the powers of others.

Mortimer Yates

Mortimer is able to disrupt the use of select abilities when the person who possesses these abilities are near him. He can currently disrupt about five abilities at a time, but the number was previously lower, and it is possible that he could learn to disrupt more in future. When he does this, the targeted abilities become unstable and ineffective, and cannot be properly used. The effect can only last for a few minutes. In an alternate timeline, he used this ability to disrupt Hayley Petrelli's limited physical adaptation and her sister's shielding so that he could use affliction to kill them both. Their deaths were later undone using path manipulation.

Future Villain

This villain will only be able to disrupt one person's abilities at a time, and will affect every ability that person possesses. He will use his ability to disrupt the abilities of his victim, preventing him or her from attempting to escape or fight him off.

Kaede Petrelli

Kaede will be capable of disrupting the use of the abilities of others. There will be no maximum number of abilities she will be able to disrupt at one time, but she will find it more difficult to focus on several people compared to only one. The people she affects will also have to be near her. Her disruption will prevent them from controlling their abilities accurately, and will prevent them from accessing the abilities if they are not already in use. Occasionally she will be able to force a person to stop using an ability. Her disruption will always be temporary. It will last ten minutes at the most. 

Similar Abilities

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