Ability Duplication
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Dexter duplicating flight
Ability to:
duplicate the abilities of others
Dexter Lee

Leo Castern

Ability duplication is the ability to copy multiple abilities through physical contact.


  • Dexter Lee has this ability naturally.
  • Leo Castern also possesses this ability naturally.


Dexter Lee

Dexter can replicate any singular ability from a touch. He can also replicate abilities from others with multiple abilities, but then he cannot copy their original ability. The touch doesn't have to contact skin to work, and the ability sometimes shows as a white glowing light. He also experiences a tingling sensation when he duplicates. He couldn't control the ability at first, since he accidentally and unknowingly duplicated ability sensing, but he has since learned to block it.

Leo Castern

Leo can also replicate any ability using touch. It is unknown exactly how he does this, or how it is shown or how he experiences it. He can usually control whether or not he duplicates, except if he is too weakened to block it or sense it happening. He originally mimicked his sister's ability out of jealousy. All other abilities he gained were taken deliberately, except for the abilities of two individuals which he duplicated when nearly unconscious. At first, he would usually duplicate every ability a person possessed which had been manifested at the time. However, after he lost control of his abilities and nearly died, his core ability became faulty and now he can't always duplicate every ability a person has. He normally only duplicates one.

Similar Abilities

  • Ability replication is the ability to copy one ability through touch
  • Conscious ability duplication is the ability to duplicate abilities through touch when consciously choosing to do so
  • Ability borrowing is the ability to borrow an ability from another, so that the original owner temporarily loses it
  • Ability mimicry is the ability to temporarily mimic abilities from people nearby
  • Ability calling is the ability to steal abilities by naming them aloud
  • Naming mimicry is the ability to temporarily mimic an ability by naming it
  • Echoing is the ability to temporarily copy people's abilities, personality traits, skills and appearance

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