Ability Manifestation
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A red glow appears when Victoria makes an ability manifest early
Ability to:
manifest latent abilities within others

Ability manifestation is the ability to start a latent ability within a person. It activates the ability within an evolved human that has not yet been manifested.



Elle Calwin

Elle is yet to use the ability, but will be capable of making people manifest abilities more quickly than they would naturally. It is believed that she will be able to cause people to manifest either singular abilities, or all abilities at once. She will produce a white spark when she manifests an ability within someone.

Victoria Lewis

Victoria can make people manifest their abilities prematurely, using physical contact. She then makes them manifest additional abilities one at a time, and can stop the process by letting go of the person. A faint red glow appears around the skin when she uses this ability. She can also, to some extent, influence the type of ability the person manifests. For example, she made Robert Franklin manifest resurrection when he asked for her help in reviving Zoe Landon.

Similar Abilities

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