Ability Negativity
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Ability negativity is the ability to have various negative effects on the abilities of others or one's own abilities.



Lola Sanchez-Hawkins

To date, Lola has only ever used this ability accidentally. She first used it to negate her other abilities, and then to cause loss of control of metallokinesis and life/death touch. She also used the ability to transfer it over to Elan, but eventually regained it. She has not displayed it since, but has gained more control and hasn't lost control of it either.

Elan Vaughan-Reist-Greene-Maxxted

Similarly to Lola, Elan at first struggled to control this ability, and would accidentally use it to negate other abilities. However, after learning this she practiced with it continually until she could control it and wouldn't use it without meaning to do so. When she killed her father, she used this to prevent him from healing, regenerating or fighting back. She also learned to use it to give abilities back to their original owners, and thus lost it.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Daniel has not yet displayed this ability.

Sky Ashford

Sky was at first unaware that she possessed this particular ability. She would accidentally use it sporadically on her other abilities, preventing her from developing her full potential. She is still learning to control it.

Peter Petrelli

Peter will have similar limits to Lola, but is yet to use the ability. It is unknown whether or not he will struggle to control it at first.

Similar Abilities

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