Ability Swapping

Swapping around abilities can appear as coloured lights
Ability to:
swap around the abilities of others

Ability swapping is the ability to swap around the abilities of two individuals.



This ability can be used to swap the abilities of two individuals. It will not be neccessary for Tori to know what the two abilities being swapped are, but the knowledge will make the process easier, and it will often also help to know if the swap would be beneficial. The two individuals must both have abilities; it will not work if only one of them does. Time will have no effect on the swap, meaning that an exchange could be done even if one of the individuals is dead in the present, or not yet born, but Tori will need to be near at least one of the people whose abilities they're swapping. If both are present, the abilities will show as coloured lights. The ability could also be used to reverse the swap, and Tori could use it to swap any of her other two abilities with another person.

Similar Abilities

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