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Accessing a combination
Ability to:
access any lock or guard

Access is the ability to get pass any lock or guard.



Ali Kahn

Little of this ability has been revealed with Ali, but it allows him to access anything he desires to access. So far it has been used to access combination locks as well as technology and passwords.

Kitty Best

Kitty is able to use this ability to get through any sort of lock or blocking mechanism, and often does not even realise the lock is in place. She is also be able to break through charms and wards which are meant to block supernatural creatures, but with more effort. She may be able to pass technological blocks and access password protected information, as well as accessing areas which have biometric measures protecting them. However this has not been displayed.

Harrison Grey

Harrison has the exact same limits as Kitty, since he gained the ability from her, but he is yet to use it.

Simon Petrelli

Simon can pass through any physical lock as if it were not present. He can also pass by any guards unnoticed if he activates the ability deliberately, and bypass biometric security measures and password protections.

Emma Hathaway

Emma will be able to use this ability to bypass any lock. This will include physical locks, passwords and combinations. Its use will always be conscious and deliberate. She won't normally need it to bypass biometric security since her biomorphic adaptation will cause her to mimic the correct traits instead. However, if her other ability was negated but this one wasn't, she would find herself able to bypass the measures without having to physically adapt. 

Abbie Gray

Abbie would have the same limits as her cousin, Simon.

Noah Gray

Noah would also have the same limits as Simon.

Peter Petrelli

Peter too would have the same limits as Simon.

Similar Abilities

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