Acid Secretion

Producing acid from one's hands
Ability to:
secrete acid from one's hands
Leonard Cushing

Takeshi Akiyama

Acid secretion is the ability to produce acid from one's hands.


  • Leonard Cushing has this ability naturally.
  • Toshihiro Akiyama will also have this ability naturally.


Leonard Cushing

Leonard could produce an acid from his hands which could dissolve metal and burn through the skin of others, though it didn't seem to affect him. He often used it in fights, producing acid in a punch. The ability could kill, since he was suspected of using it to murder Jamie Wu. He needed active concentration to use the ability, and he seemed able to alter the concentration and strength of the acid.

Toshihiro Akiyama

Toshihiro will be capable of secreting an acidic substances from his fingertips and from the palms of his hands. His ability will normally be consciously controlled, but it could also be accidentally triggered if he felt angry or threatened enough. The acid will be concentrated enough to corrode through almost any substance, including metal and stone. It could possibly create fires if used on softer materials, and would inflict immense pain if it touched anyone's skin. Toshihiro will be immune to the ability himself.

Similar Abilities

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