Acidic Blood
Acidic Bood

Mary's blood is acidic
Ability to:
have blood which is acidic
Chris Quinn


Mary Krause

Beatrice Petrelli

Acidic blood is the ability to have an acid in one's blood.


  • Chris Quinn has this ability naturally.
  • Nathaniel "Nat" has this ability naturally.
  • Mary Krause also has this ability naturally.
  • Beatrice Petrelli will have this ability naturally in future.


The acid does not affect the character with the ability at all, since the ability also includes immunity to it. In fact, most characters would not notice they have the ability until they are cut and the blood spills onto something else apart from their body. It will corrode through anything, a strong and concentrated acid. It will burn any other person, and could prove fatal. The acid is produced constantly.

Similar Abilities

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