Adam Jones

Adam Jones is a main character belonging to Pippy in World 1. He has the ability of Hydrokinesis, and he is the father of three children: Caitlin, Emily and Joseph. Adam is divorced from his ex-wife, Janine Walker. He is the older brother of Liz Jones, Gemma Jones and Kate Jones, and is the younger brother of James Jones and Katherine Jones. He currently lives in New York City.


He looks about his age, at 26 years old, and Adam has all of the family traits - the dark brown, almost black, hair and the chocolate brown eyes. One thing that isn't characteristic is that Adam's skin is quite pale, compared to his siblings. Normally Adam is wearing jeans with simplistic t-shirts, and he smiles a lot.



Freezing a rose

Adam was the first in his family to display his ability, and this is the power of Cryokinesis, which has two fronts. This power allows him to freeze objects, as well as having general control over ice, and this power generally needs contact, although it is possible for him to freeze things without contact. But Adam can also produce, manipulate and mimic water in its liquid state, as well. The manipulation of liquid water was actually the first aspect of this ability that he displayed.


Adam is a family man by nature, with three children. He grew up the third eldest child, but his mother worked three jobs, and both James and Katherine had a lot of work to do, so he helped to raise Liz Jones, Gemma Jones and Kate Jones. He has three children with his ex-wife, Janine.


The name Adam has the Hebrew meaning "earth; man; to be red". This has no reference to him, and his surname Jones is a common Celtic Welsh name which roughly translates to "son of John".


When Adam first manifested, he realised his younger sister, Liz Jones, had as well, and they believed she had manifested the same power as him, although truthfully, she had manifested empathic mimicry and mimicked cryokinesis. The pair travelled to New York for a funeral, and after meeting Sinead Connell (as she was then named) and Sean O'Brien, they stayed in New York to further their understanding of their abilities.

Not long after he visited New York, Adam found that his wife at the time, Janine, was having an affair, and the pair divorced, and Adam moved to New York permenantly. Adam began a relationship with David Johnson while he lived there, although the pair broke up after David's inability to remain faithful. Adam's sister, Liz Jones, had a child with David, a girl named Siobham Ciera Jones, and Adam is her godfather.

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