Adoptive Muscle Memory

Monica can mimic wrestling moves

Adoptive muscle memory, also referred to as muscle mimicry, is the ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once.



The ability will replicate any physical action after seeing it done once. This action does not have to be seen in life, and can be replicated from a TV programme or film, or from footage on an iPod screen. The actions can also be adapted slightly, e.g. when Monica used parkour to climb up into a different house from the one she'd seen it used upon. However, the ability only replicates actions which would be physically possible for that individual to learn to do, without training. It would not grant actions which would require greater strength, and neither would it grant other abilities, not even purely physical ones.

Similar Abilities

  • Peak physical properties grants skills in all physical tasks, like fighting, climbing and running
  • Martial supremacy grants skill in all forms of fighting
  • Enhanced agility enables one to run, jump and climb skillfully, and perform gymnastic feats with ease
  • Capability mimicry can mimic skills and knowledge from another
  • Flashing can give someone skills
  • Echoing can be used to gain skills from others temporarily
  • Mimicry can be used to mimic anything, from skills to abilities to substances

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