Adorable Smile

Jensen smiling
Ability to:
make others adore oneself, by smiling at them

Adorable smile is the ability to make others love and adore oneself, by smiling at the desired person.



The degree to which this ability can be used depends on the one's age. As an infant, when one smiles at someone, that person would immediately love and adore oneself, wanting more than anything to keep one happy and protected. Adults all regard one as their beloved own child, while other children see them as a little brother or sister. As a child, it can also be used to get others to befriend oneself, and in general to get one's own way. As an adult it's possible to control the effect more fully, ranging from gaining friendship or loyalty, charming others to do what one wants, preventing enemies from wanting to harm one, to getting people to fall in love with oneself. If the ability is blocked, further people cannot be charmed, but those who have already been smiled upon will still feel the effects.The ability will not work on another who also has it, or has used a different ability to temporarily give themselves it. It also doesn't work against a person with a similar ability, like attraction or charm smile. Repulsion also seems to grant some immunity to this, as it is an opposite form.

Similar Abilities

  • Charm smile makes others do what you want them to do when you smile at them
  • Attraction is a similar ability which makes people attracted toward them
  • Repulsion is the ability to repulse others, driving them away with an illusion of nausea
  • Enchantment can be used to make others like oneself

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