Age Transferral
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Leona transfers her age into another woman
Ability to:
transfer one's age onto others
Leona Mills

Madison Petrelli

Age transferral is the ability to transfer age and life-force to and from objects or other people, making oneself younger or older.


  • Leona Mills has this ability naturally.
  • Madison Petrelli will also have this ability naturally.


Leona Mills

Leona can use her ability on objects or on living beings. She can drain life from them to rejuvenate herself, even from a state resembling a rotting corpse. She can also revert the process, and age herself while making her subject younger. She claims that her fingertips feel like they're burning when she does this. When she doesn't use the ability to sustain herself she ages rapidly, going from a young woman to middle-aged within hours. Her manifestation has been described as brutal, but the exact details are unknown.

Madison Petrelli

Madison will be able to transfer age to and from herself. Her ability will affect other people, animals, plants and any objects made from organic materials such as wood. She will be able to drain youth and life from what she touches and use this to keep herself young. She will also be able to give youth and life. This will rejuvenate her subject but will cause her to age rapidly. Her fingers will feel as if they are burning when she does this.

Similar Abilities

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