Amelia Cartwright

Amelia Cartwright is a recurring character used by Pippy in World 2. She works for the Organisation and is currently a teacher at the Gifted Academy, having previously been an agent after she was originally recruited by Victoria Maxted. Amelia is married to a banker living in Washington DC, and she is 27 years old.


Amelia looks a little younger than her age, and she is about 5ft 9. She has a slim waist, and her hair is naturally auburn. She straightens it, every morning, and it is cut into a side fringe, with a long length. Her skin is quite pale, and her eyes are a lovely turquoise colour. Her taste in fashion tends be eccentric at times, and she behaves immaturely a lot of the time. She tries to reflect her personality in her apperance, and always smiles.


Amelia has manifested all three of her abilities. They are all quite similar, and she likes to believe they are gifts, thanks to her love of Biology.

  • The first ability Amelia manifested was Florakinesis. This is the ability to manipulate, create and destroy plants.
  • Her second ability is Terrakinesis, the manipulation of the earth. Her skill with this ability is slightly limited and she can only make the earth move. Unlike some others with this ability, she also doesn't grow stronger in the presence of other abilities.
  • Her final ability is Earth Communication. This ability enables her to speak with both the earth and plants, and to gain information from them.

Occupation & Training

Amelia teaches Biology, on the 'normal' side of the school, and is a very respected teacher, on both sides, having a PhD in Biology and a batchelor's degree in Childcare. She is an excellent teacher, and cares passionately. She also teaches Florakinesis and Terrakinesis, as they are her best abilities and the ones most commonly shared by others.


Amelia is a very kind and loving person - she's very nice and polite, and believes strongly in the good of human kind. She is not a strict teacher, but her pupils tend to respect her.

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