Augment plant manip

Amplifying florakinesis
Ability to:
amplify skills, abilities, physical traits and intelligence within oneself and others

Amplification is the ability to improve and enhance several things within oneself and others.



The ability can be used like ability augmentation, manipulating other abilities to make them stronger and more powerful, capable of more uses and aspects. For example, when Grace amplified John Banks' teaching, it enabled him to teach abilities, and Jake has augmented his other two abilities to give himself advanced pyrokinesis and advanced clairsentience instead of simply pyrokinesis and clairsentience. When Sophie manifested, she amplified her ability of calling to enable her to summon people she'd never met before. The ability can also be used on brain power to augment a person's intelligence, or used to improve physical speed or strength, or to amplify physical development and maturity. Jake amplified himself in order to be able to speak shortly after birth. It can also improve skills and amplify the senses. There is no sign when this ability is used, apart from the result, as it doesn't leave any mark and there is no spark or light or sound produced.

Similar Abilities

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