Amy Madison

Amy Sarah Madison is a main character belonging by Pippy in World 6: Awakened. She is a 25 year old hunter and the older twin sister of Kate Madison.


Amy does not resemble her twin sister remotely, with the exception of their height and figures. She has long, dark hair that Amy often wears down and is naturally very wavy, meaning she rarely bothers to do anything with it. She keeps her hair below shoulder length. Amy has light brown eyes, that have been known to look golden on occasion, a trait inherited from her mother and shared with her younger brother. She has a slim and slender build naturally, and Amy stands at 5ft 11 in height. She often wears jeans and leathers with tank tops.


Amy is a strong-willed character, with a determined side that makes her exceptionally stubborn a lot of the time. She can be annoying when she wants to be, and tries to be as relaxed as possible, but she gets stressed when she thinks Kate is in trouble. She knows her twin best in the world, and doesn't know what she would do without her. Amy doesn't trust very easily, and knows to be suspiscous of just about everything in her line of work. She cares a great deal, about her job and her family.

Family & Relationships

  • Mother - Joyce Madison
  • Father - Rupert Madison
  • Twin sister - Kate Madison
  • Younger brother - Jonny Madison (deceased)


Amy is a French name meaning "Loved", but also has the same definition in English. Sarah is a Hebrew name meaning "Princess", which does not relate to Amy whatsoever. Madison is an English surname meaning "Son of Maud; Matthew's son".

Brief History

She grew up with their family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They had a normal and happy childhood, until the twins turned sixteen. When they were home alone and babysitting their younger brother, Jonny, a poltergeist inhabiting their home attacked them. She and Kate survived mainly through luck and guesswork, but they were too late to save Jonny and watched him die. Confused and traumatised by what they had witnessed, they found out as much as they could about the supernatural world, deciding over the next two years that they would avenge him. They became hunters when they were 18, and have done so for the past several years.

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