Andrea Maxxted is a recurring character used by Pippy in World 5. She is the younger adoptive sister of main character Pippa Millbrook, and is 15 years old. She originally possessed the ability of Enhanced Speed, which was given to her synthetically, but she lost this ability when it was accidentally absorbed by her sister. Since then, she has gained the ability of Teleportation.


She is medium height, at 5'6, and is also skinny and pretty. She has dark brown eyes and hair, and a tanned complexion.


She is easy to like, and quite popular, with a generally happy personality. She is also a very dedicated student, intelligent with a good brain. She has several dad issues, including the fact that her father gave her the formula without her consent or knowledge, and later had her memory of it erased.


Andrea originally had the ability of Enhanced Speed, given to her synthetically, which would enable her to run at nearly the speed of light leaving behind a blur. She lost this ability when her sister Pippa lost control and accidentally absorbed it. However, when Pippa later realised what had happened, she stole a vial of the formula for her sister. Andrea expected to regain Enhanced Speed, but when she tried and failed to run then accidentally teleported to New York instead, she realised that her current ability is now Teleportation.


  • Father - Chris Maxxted
  • Mother - Charlotte Maxxted

Brief History

Andrea is 12 years younger than her adoptive sister. Just before she turned 14, her father took her to Pinehearst, gave her the formula and then had her memory erased. She manifested Enhanced Speed sometime during the next year, but told no one of it. When she finally tried to show her sister the ability, she found that she couldn't, since Pippa had earlier accidentally absorbed it. Realising that Andrea would need an ability to be able to look after herself, Pippa broke into Pinehearst and stole a vial of the formula for her. Andrea tried and failed to run, but then thought of her home in New York and ended up teleporting there. She is currently missing, and is a prisoner of Pinehearst. Reed "Red" Reed has been given the task of killing her, despite being secretly working previously to free Andrea.

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