Animal Communication

Speaking with a snake
Ability to:
communicate with animals

Animal communication is the ability to talk to all animals.



Fleur Davison

Fleur's limits in using this ability are unknown, since she has never clearly displayed it. However it is assumed that Fleur is able to talk to animals and understand what they are saying. It is unknown whether she does this mentally, or by using their own natural noises and signals, or by yet another method. She can also get animals to do her bidding but tends to use animal manipulation to do so.

Jenna Petrelli-Parkman

Jenna will be able to communicate with any living animal. She will do this by perfectly mimicking their natural noises and signals, and will be able to interpret and understand their responses. She will naturally communicate with all animals in her vicinity. She will be able to gather information from animals and ask animals to do things for her, but she will not be able to force them to comply. The information she gains will usually be warnings of danger and directions towards shelter, but she will also be able to use animals to spy for her.

Similar Abilities

  • Zoopathy is the ability to communicate with animals, link with them mentally and control them
  • Animal manipulation is the ability to manipulate animals
  • Omnilingualism can be used to communicate with animals, but is limited to their level of consciousness
  • Communication can also be used to communicate with animals
  • Avian omnilingualism is the ability to communicate with birds

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