Animal Manipulation
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Manipulating Mr. Muggles
Ability to:
manipulate animals and their behaviour

Animal manipulation is the ability to control all animals, influencing their behaviour and getting them to do one's bidding.



Fleur Davison

Fleur can manipulate all animals using some unknown method. However, she cannot communicate with them using this ability, but can do this using another.

Markus Gaines

Markus can communicate with different species of animals and can use this to gain information from them. He can also control animals by clicking his fingers. He has been shown using this to incite dogs to attack another person. In World 5, he used this ability to induce birds to attack and kill his former partner.

Daniel Nakamura

Daniel will be able to manipulate all living animals. He'll be able to communicate with them easily, both mentally and by using their own communication signals, and could persuade them to do his bidding. He could also move animals telekinetically, and could heal any animal as long as it's still living.

Spencer Goldston-Smith

In future, Spencer will be able to control and manipulate any living animal with a mere thought. He'll be able to gain information from them and get them to do his bidding, and will be able to have animals kill for him.

Rosa Petrelli

Rosa will be able to manipulate animals and get them to do her bidding. She will be able to link psychically with any nearby animals, and will then be able to gain information from them and alter their behaviour. She could learn how the animal is feeling, learn what threats are nearby and be shown what the animals perceives. She will also be able to accurately sense the presence of any animals. All of her control will be psychic therefore she will not need to make any specific gesture or sound.

Similar Abilities

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