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Bringing someone back to life
Ability to:
bring objects and dead bodies to life

Animation is the ability to bring dead bodies and inanimate objects to life.



Eve Adams

Eve could use this ability to bring any corpse back to life, as long as it was in a better condition than skeletal and the death had been fairly recent. It didn't seem to matter how the person had died. The individual would return to life as themselves, almost as if they'd never died. She could also animate objects, which would then come to life at her will. In these cases, they would either simply begin moving, speaking and thinking - like her car and iPhone - or they would form an animal, like a rock which formed a dog when she first manifested. Her ability would show as a faint green light when she'd use it.

Ceri Petrelli

Ceri will be able to bring any dead body to life, no matter what condition it is in, but the worse conditions will drain energy and life from her. She will be able to reanimate people, animals and plants. She will also be able to animate objects, and will do so much more easily, without much effort on her part or much sign of weakness or fatigue. She will use this ability by touching the object or body, and willing life into it.

Similar Abilities

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