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An animated doll
Ability to:
ability to animate objects and bring back the dead as well as reverse the process

Animation/inanimation is the ability to control life and the capability of movement in both living things and inanimate objects.



Jacob Gray

Jacob can use this ability to animate objects, bringing them to life and motion under his control, and to undo this, returning the object to its normal state. He can also revive humans with this ability. When he does this, the person would come back to life in the same state as they died - e.g. if they'd burned to death their body would still be burned - but the injuries would have no further effect. He can also kill with this ability, and this causes mass organ failure. This death can then only be undone by reanimating the body, and not by using any other abilities. It will be as if the person was never alive. To use the ability, he always needs physical contact.

Alex Gray

Alex has the exact same limits as his brother.

Zoe Gray

Zoe has the exact same limits as her triplet brothers. When she manifested the ability she accidentally used it to kill her mother, and Pippy proved impossible to revive until someone tried using the exact same ability. Human manipulation reported that her corpse had never been alive.

Alicia Thompson

Alicia can use this ability to animate and inanimate objects, bringing them to life according to her command. Her limits in this aspect are similar to the Gray triplets'. The object will become mobile and will act as she wants it to act, without any need to keep to its original and natural function. When she revives a person, their injuries would also heal, and she could potentially use the ability to reverse ageing if the person had died of an age-related illness. She has used the ability to kill with a touch, but is currently unaware of her potential to revive. Her first use of the ability to kill was accidental, triggered only by annoyance, but every other use since has been deliberate and usually in self-defence. She usually needs touch to use her ability, but has once succeeded in animating a machine remotely, with great effort.

Gabriella Bennet

Gabriella gained the ability from her sister and thus has the same limits as Zoe. She is known to have used the ability to revive her mother after Pippy was accidentally killed by Zoe. This use was her entire purpose behind taking the ability.

Noah Gray

Noah has the same limits as his siblings using this particular ability. However, he can also revive people whilst healing their injuries, using human manipulation.

Abbie Gray

Abbie too has the same limits as her twin brother, Noah.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has the same limits as Noah and Abbie in World 2, and would have the same limits as Alicia in World 5, but he is yet to use the ability in that world.

Isaac Petrelli-Parkman

Isaac will be capable of animating objects, bringing them to life with a touch. As a child, he will do this often on all of his toys, finding it highly amusing. He will also be capable of reversing the process and removing animation the objects, again needing a touch. He will be able to use his ability on people too, but will not discover this for years. Animating a corpse will bring that person back to life exactly as he or she was, healing all of his or her injuries. Making a person inanimate will kill instantly. These uses will also require physical contact. 

Similar Abilities

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