Anna vamp
Known abilities
Circa 1500 AD

Anna is a vampire and is about 500 years old. She is possibly American. Anna is a slightly strange vampire, different to all within her former coven, as she is the only one who lives exclusively off animal blood. She even says that she hates humans so much she doesn't desire to drink from their blood. Anna has a resistance to even thinking about human blood as her hate for humans is so great. However she respects all vampires.


As a human, Anna left home at the age of 17. Before then, she used to read books a lot as a way of escaping her life. Her parents had never been heart-warming towards her so she decided to flee. When she left, she was attacked by some wild animals and then found by Owain, who transformed her into a vampire and took her to join his coven. She was one of the coven members who survived the battle against the Firelock Coven and the Children of the Moon.


Like all vampires, Anna has a natural beauty about her and has gained enhanced stamina, strength, speed, senses and agility. Also, Anna has developed a remarkable amount of self-control to not drink human blood. This is because she had formed such a hatred towards humans, she was disgusted to even think about drinking their blood and created an illusionary repulsion in her mind to make her dislike the scent of human blood, even though it should smell appealing.


Anna is a member of the Braşov Coven.


Coven Members

Physical Appearance

Anna has bushy brown hair which is hard for her to straighten out. Her skin is pale and white like paper that shines like diamonds in the sunlight. Anna is not the tallest and is described as being "small" and "petite". She has golden coloured eyes from drinking animal blood.


The name Anna means "grace, favour". It also means "grain" in Sanskrit, and "an apricot grown in Nara" in Japanese.

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