Appearance Alteration
Powers morphing putty

Altering a person's appearance
Ability to:
change the appearance of other people

Appearance alteration is the ability to change the skin, hair, eyes and vocal cords of other people.


  • Connie Logan has this ability naturally.
  • Charlie Nakamura Jnr will also have this ability naturally.


Connie Logan

Connie is able to change the appearances of other people and mold their faces to look differently. She is able to change the hair colour, eye colour and entire face of a person. She can also manipulate the vocal cords to give someone another's voice. Her transformations are temporary, and will gradually fade to return the person's usual appearance. She sometimes seems to make a person's face go completely blank before she gives him or her a new face. She cannot alter her own appearance.

Charlie Nakamura Jnr

Charlie will also be able change the appearances of others. She will be capable of changing a person's colouring, skin and hair texture and facial structure, but she won't be able to change voices. She will never made a face go blank. She will be able to control the length of time the transformation lasts for precisely, and it will be permanent if she desires it to be, unless another with the ability reverses it.

Similar Abilities

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