Artis is a character in World 8 - Brave New World. Artis is a 47 year old African-American ex-gangster with a troubled past. When Artis was young he fell into the wrong crowd but after manifesting he used his abilities to get out of the gangster life. Artis went on to have four beautiful children with his wife La Toya Lawson. However his abilities seem to be taking him back into his gangster life as much as he tries to stop it.



Artis can mentally generate and manipulate smoke. Artis can also can generate or clear clouds of smoke, or pollute air by converting immense amounts of normal air into poison smoke to harm his foes (or turn it into harmless smoke as a means of cover or stealth). He can breathe normally in smoky air.

Heat Generation

Artis can generate heat from his body. With this ability he can burn someone with a touch of his hand, cook food in seconds and heat any object. Artis manifested when asked to kill somone. He faced the gun at his target but couldn't do it. He began to shake with fear and his hand began to emit heat. The gun heated up and fired killing the man.


Artis can turn any object into gold. He used this ability to buy drugs and to pay off any other gangsters. He used the ability to buy his way out of his gangster life and now uses to provide for his family.

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