Aura Mimicry

Mimicking a woman's aura
Ability to:
mimic from the auras of others

Aura mimicry is the ability to see the auras of others, and to mimic qualities from these auras by altering one's own aura.



Sable Petrelli

Sable only needs to see a person's aura once, and briefly, before she can mimic aspects from it. She does not need contact to do so. The process of mimicking is painful and difficult, which means she can only mimic a few abilities, and usually only choses to do so at need. She has mimicked three abilities, and has also occasionally mimicked a person's emotional state. She could mimic personality traits too.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has gained this ability from his daughter Sable, and like her he is capable of mimicking abilities, emotional states and personality traits from people's auras. However, he wouldn't need to use it to mimic any abilities since his core ability of empathic mimicry would have already done so.

Similar Abilities

  • Aura and auma manipulation is the ability to see the emotions and abilities of others in the form of an aura and an auma, and to manipulate both
  • Aura manipulation is the ability to manipulate the auras of others
  • Aura absorption is the ability to see and steal auras
  • Aura reading is the ability to see and interpret auras
  • Aura shifting is the ability to change certain qualities in one's own aura
  • Aura projection is the ability to project varous types of auras, each having different effects
  • Aura tracking is the ability to track a person's location by following their aura trail
  • Genetic mimicry is the ability to mimic qualities from a person's DNA
  • DNA mimicry is the ability to mimic a person's DNA
  • Empathic mimicry is the ability to reflexively copy all other abilities
  • Conscious mimicry is the ability to copy other abilities by conscious thought
  • Mimicry can be used to mimic a person's aura too

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