Lyla emerging from a mimicked death state
Ability to:
control one's metabolism and metabolic process

Autometabokinesis is the ability to manipulate and control one's own metabolism and metabolic processes.



James Herriford

James manifested this ability during the explosion timeline, and is yet to begin exploring its limits and uses. He has only used it to metabolise away inhibitory drugs which were preventing him from teleporting, and doesn't seem to know of the other uses. However, he is aware when he can access this ability, since it gives him a limited sense of his own metabolism, which he misses if it is ever blocked. He will in future learn to increase his own energy reserves, and mimic a death state.

James Gray

James was able to remove drugs and toxins from his own body, increase his energy reserves, and mimic a death state. His body would subconsciously fight all drugs and toxins that cause physical damage. However, he could have later learned to consciously suppress this effect at need. He never displayed the ability.

Lyla Alexander

This ability will enable Lyla to manipulate her own metabolism. She will be able to do so in seconds, with just a thought. Its possible uses will include removing various drugs from her body, increasing her energy reserves and slowing down her metabolism to the extent that she mimics a death state.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Dann is yet to use this ability, but should have similar limits to James Herriford.

Peter Petrelli

Peter too is yet to use this ability, in either world. He would have similar limits to James Gray in World 2, and to James Herriford in World 3.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has never displayed this ability, but should have similar limits to her brothers and her uncle.

Noah Gray

Noah too should have similar limits to James Gray.

Similar Abilities

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