Belief Induction
Belief induction

Alec can make a woman believe in what he says
Ability to:
make others believe in what one tells them

Belief induction is the ability to make others believe in what one says or make them believe in oneself.



The ability can make people believe in what one says, no matter what. The other people's own personal views and beliefs, no matter how strong, do not protect against the ability. However, the ability does not work if the person the ability is used on cannot hear the words, or one is prevented from speaking orally. In World 8, it has been shown that the ability is blocked by a diamond aura, displaying that belief induction must work on a mental level. In World 2, the ability has been shown to break the effects of corruption with enough repetition, and it should also work similarly against the effects of persuasion too. In Hisoka-Nao's case, when he uses the ability will be the only time his advanced lie detection enables him to lie himself.

Similar Abilities

  • Persuasion is the ability to make people do whatever the user wants, through vocal commands
  • Command can be used to persuade
  • Enchanted voice can also be used to persuade
  • Telepathy and psychokinesis can both alter people's thoughts
  • Truth manipulation is the ability to manipulate the truth, meaning one could make another believe them.
  • Deception is the ability to lie convincingly even when faced with lie-detecting abilities

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