Big Ben
Known abilities
Circa 1900 AD

Ben (also known as Big Ben) was a vampire who was about 100 years old before his death. He was nicknamed "Big Ben" as he came orginally from London and also from his large appearance. In the coven, Ben was mostly the source of entertainment and he also liked to tease his victims as he killed them.


Ben was a soldier in the first world war, he got injured and was taken into a hospital. His creator changed him in the hospital, as his creator felt sympathetic for his pain. Later on Ben's creator was killed so he was forced to join a small coven. He then later moved on to join the Braşov Coven. During the battle against the Children of the Moon and the Firelock Coven, he was killed by Alistair Young and Ryan Makwa.


Ben had no special abilities as a vampire, however like all vampires he had enhanced speed, strength, agility, senses and stamina. Due to Ben being so big and strong even as a human, this characteristic grew when he got transformed and he was stronger than most vampires.


Ben was in the Braşov Coven.


Coven Members

Physical Appearance

Being one of the largest in the coven, Ben was very strong. He was muscular and strong-built. He had "plump meaty muscles" and a round face. Ben had dark short hair and pale skin.


Ben is a variation of the name Benjamin or a nickname for the name Benjamin. The name is Hebrew and means "son of my right hand". His nickname "Big Ben" is the name of a clock located in London. Ben is often called "Big Ben" because of his physical size and also because he is from London.

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