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Healing a man's wounds
Ability to:
manipulate DNA, life and body functions in all living creatures

Biokinesis is the ability to alter and manipulate life and the life-force of beings, as well as DNA and bodily functions.




This villain will be able to manipulate the life energy, genetics, anatomy and physiology of all living things, upon touch. He will be able to alter plants, humans and animals. He will not find that any species is harder to affect than any other, no matter how complex or evolved, and he won't find that using the ability takes much energy out of him.

John Banks

John will be able to manipulate the life, DNA, structure and bodily functions of most living things. John will have little to no difficulty controlling animals and plants, but will find it almost impossible to manipulate humans until he is much older. He can occasionally use the ability to heal wounds, but has only ever used this reflexively. He also uses this ability to identify other evolved humans, and can use the ability to see who will become an evolved human. John will have little control over most forms of this ability, although he will spend a lot of time trying to perfect the ability to heal when he is older. He will not be able to revive the dead.

Ava Bennet

Ava will be able to use the ability to heal and to kill, and also to alter a person, creature or plant's DNA. She will take a lot of time to learn how to use it sufficiently, but she will eventually learn to heal with it, which will be the hardest aspect she will try to master. She will generally only use this ability when she feels she has to, since it will be very draining. Ava will be able to control a person's genetics as well, but she will rarely attempt this

Poppy Sanchez-Hawkins-Parkman

This ability will enable Poppy to manipulate the bodies of living beings, including plants, animals and humans. She will find plants the easiest to manipulate and humans the most difficult. She will always need physical contact to use her ability. It will enable her to heal, injure and kill, as well as altering genetic information, movement and behaviour. She will be able to briefly alter emotions and thoughts by controlling neuron activity and hormone levels.

Similar Abilities

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