Bipolar Induction
Having a baby

Inducing happiness into a person
Ability to:
induce joy or sadness into others

Bipolar induction is the ability to induce either sadness or joy into others.



Kirk Malus

Kirk's ability emits like an aura which affects all around him, and can also affect his own mood. It can be produced from his own emotions if these are strong enough, but he can also produce the emotions without this. He also seems to be able, to some extent, of sensing emotions around him, and this can sometimes trigger the ability. He can either induce joy or sadness, and he seems able to alter the intensity of these emotions. He cannot produce other emotions.

Elly Nakamura

Elly will be able to induce either joy or sadness in the people around her. These moods will be created with merely a thought, and she will be able to switch them instantly. The person's original emotions won't have any effect. She will be able to target select individuals or affect all nearby, as she chooses, and she will also be able to control the degree of emotion she produces. If her own emotions become too powerful, she will automatically induce the same feelings in other people.

Molly Petrelli Jnr

Molly's ability will be able to induce extremes of either sadness or joy. She will not be able to induce other emotions, and she will not be able to induce weaker variants of the emotions either. She will affect every person around her, unless an individual possesses a relevant immunity. She will not be able to target specific people. Her ability will be consciously controlled, and will not be influenced by her own emotional state in any circumstances.

Similar Abilities

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