Body Adaptation
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Gills and webbed feet appear when underwater

Body adaptation is the ability for the body to automatically adapt to any environment or situation it is placed into.



Jack Calwin

Jack's body is able to adapt to different environments and to dangerous, life-threatening situations. It has been shown that his body automatically and naturally changes to cope with the environment he is currently in. For example, in water his hands and feet become webbed, and gills appear at the side of his neck. Jack has also been shown coping with different extreme temperatures changes, both natural ones and ones which are ability-based. He was shown to be unaffected by cryokinesis when his body was turned to ice. Also, Jack has shown to breathe when there is poisonous air or even no air. As Jack also possesses the ability of rapid cellular regeneration his body can cope with most situations, allowing him to survive almost all attacks. It also means that he can remain conscious in some situations where a normal regenerator would be in a death state, such as if he were starving or cut off from obtaining oxygen, by adapting physically to those situations. However, he would still enter a death state if the back of his head was stabbed, as he cannot adapt against this. When in an emotional state, Jack's body has seemed to adjust more slowly to the environment instead of automatically adjusting.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has mimicked this ability from Jack and as such has the same limits as him. He can also cope with extreme conditions and will remain conscious in life threatening situations. He has also mimicked a few other abilities which enable him to adapt to various conditions.

Noah Gray

Noah too mimicked this ability from Jack, and has similar limits to both of his uncles,

Abbie Gray

Abbie has the same limits as her brother, Noah, since she mimicked the ability too from Jack.

Gabriella Gray

Gabriella gained this ability using intuitive aptitude from Jack. She too has the same limits as Jack.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Daniel mimicked this ability from Jack in World 3, which means he has the same limits as he does. He too also possesses regeneration which protects him further from harm, generally working alongside the adaptations.

Kim Henson

Kim possesses this ability naturally and as such she is able to adapt to any environment she is in. Her body automatically changes, allowing her to survive in any given environment. It enables her to cope successfully with freezing or burning temperatures, and she is also able to cope without breathing, whether there is no air or if she is underwater. Underwater her body will also change in other ways, as her feet and hands become webbed and gills appear on the side of the neck

Liberty Herriford

Libery is able to adjust to her environment and her ability allows her body to automatically adapt. She is able to survive in different environments whether there be a temperature change or an atmospheric change. Liberty's body will automatically adapt to keep herself alive. In water, her limbs become webbed and her senses adapt to the different conditions. She will adapt to various pressures and can survive without needing to breathe.

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