Body Insertion
Lunapic 136854358420607 3

Pushing out an inserted body
Ability to:
insert one person's body into another
Unnamed Individual

Peter Petrelli World 5 (via empathic mimicry)

Body insertion is the ability to insert a person's body into the body of another.


  • An unrevealed character in World 5 will have this ability.
  • Peter Petrelli will in future gain this ability in World 5.


The ability has been shown being used to insert a person's body into another person. The body which is inserted then consciously controls the body of the other person, and is able to use all of their bodily functions and access their ability or abilities if they possess any. However, the inserted individual cannot access their own ability or abilities in this state, and they will not know what new ability they've gained instead, or how to control it. The only way to be removed is to be forced out by the person who inserted the body into another person.

Similar Abilities

  • Merging is the ability to merge objects together or people together
  • Merging and unmerging is the ability to merge two beings together and then unmerge them
  • Body swapping is the ability to swap bodies with another person

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