Body Swapping
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Two bodies swapped
Ability to:
exchange bodies with others or between two others

Body swapping is the ability to swap bodies, either between oneself and another or between two others.



Samantha Goodwin

Samantha has shown some control over her ability as she is able to willingly swap bodies without any known side effects. However, she can lose control if her emotions overcome her. A person seems to keep their original abilities when their bodies are swapped. However, if the ability would have a physical effect on the body, that effect is transferred with the body, e.g. Samantha could see sound as colour when she swapped bodies with her father, who has enhanced synaesthesia.

James McDoherty

This villain used the ability to swap bodies with Keitaro Kiryuu. When he did so, he also gained all of Keitaro's abilities, but Keitaro gained his, and was eventually able to use it to reverse the swap. The swap produced a faint glowing light as it occurred, and left both people feeling disorientated and confused for a moment.

Liz Jones

Liz is yet to display this ability, but she ought to have similar limits to the man she mimicked it from.

Keitaro Kiryuu

Keitaro also has similar limits to James. He used the ability to permanently swap the man's body with a coma patient, and later used it swap bodies temporarily with his sister in order to display the ability for her.

Similar Abilities

  • Merging can be used to merge bodies within one person
  • Merging and unmerging is the ability to merge to beings together and then unmerge them
  • Body insertion is the ability to force someone into another's body
  • Ability swapping is the ability to exchange people's abilities without swapping their bodies
  • Peripety is the ability to swap location, position or situation with another person

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