Bond Formation
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Forming a bond between two individuals
Ability to:
create various bonds, connections and restraints

Bond formation is the ability to create different types of bonds, connections and restraints.



Nyasia Firelock-Reddan

Nyasia can create any type of bond she can think of. Her first use of the ability, shared with her twin sister, was to produce a permanent mental, emotional and physical bond between the twins, which causes them to share thoughts and emotions, and means that they are stronger when in physical proximity. They did this when they were only days old. It is also possible for her to form other types of bonds, such as different emotional attachments or telepathic ones similar to those her aunt Lleucu can form using her telepathy. She can form controlling bonds which forces others to do their will, and Nyasia in particular is adept at doing this. She can also form restraining bonds, both power-based ones, and physical ones like chains or ropes.

Lyla Firelock-Reddan

Lyla shares very similar limits to her twin sister Nyasia. She too can form emotional bonds, telepathic bonds, physical bonds, power-based restraints and controlling bonds. She also shares a permanent bond with her twin because of their first shared use of the ability. However, her favourite use of the ability is creating different emotional attachments.

Shauna Parkman

Shauna will be capable of creating mental, emotional and physical bonds. She will be able to create connections between individuals, such as the bond shared by her second cousins, and her first known use of the ability will be in an attempt to mimic this connection. However, she will eventually delete the bond she then creates. She will be able to make physical chains and ropes, emotional attachments, compulsion bonds and telepathic, thought-sharing bonds.

Elle Parkman

Elle will be capable of creating various physical bonds, restraints, chains and ropes. She will also be able to create emotional bonds between people, and bonds which will mimic the effects of abilities like twin telepathy, twin empathy and linking. However, these non-physical bonds will always be temporary in nature. Even if she tries to maintain them, they will weaken and dissipate.

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