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Molly calls someone to her
Ability to:
summon others to oneself

Calling is the ability to summon others, drawing them to one's own presence.



Using this ability, these individuals can call any living person in the world. Astarte can summon humans, vampires and werecreatures, and Dustin, Molly and Sophie can summon both evolved and non-evolved humans. The only exceptions would be if a person were physically incapable of travelling to them, for example if they were locked up or unable to move, and if the person had died. In each of these cases, the caller would sense the failure of his or her ability, and would be able to differentiate between a failure caused by death and a failure caused by other reasons. Calling is done by closing one's eyes and focusing intently on the individual, willing that person to come to them. The person would feel an intense, irresistible urge to travel in their direction until they reached them. If the person tried to resist, the urge would become stronger and stronger, until it was even painful, and it'd be impossible to resist successfully for more than a few days, unless it'd be physically impossible to answer the call. The travelling is also done as quickly as possible, e.g. a teleporter would choose to teleport instead of using non-ability means. Normally they require either a name or an image of the person to focus upon. However, Sophie has once called people she had never met or seen, in desperation, when she manifested amplification as a captive.

Similar Abilities

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