Caoimhe is a character in World 8 - Brave New World. She was first introduced as a prisoner of 'The Controller' in Russia. She originates from Dublin, and has the ability to fill one's veins or body with poison or emit poisonous gasses from her body, as well as the ability to intoxicate people.


Little is known about mysterious Caoimhe. She originates from Dublin Ireland, and ended up being imprisoned by 'The Controller' in Russia until she was saved by Josh. Caoimhe then teamed up with Josh to 'kick ass' she loves a good bitch and a fight.

Evolved Human Abilities

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Killing people with chlorine gas

Caoimhe has the ability to control, create and manipulate various types of poison. Caoimhe uses her ability by kissing her victims. As she kisses them, posion is transferred from her body to theirs, killing them. Caoimhe also has poisonous nails which are deadly in a bitch fight. She has full control over her ability but pretends she doesn't, so that her enemies think that they can take advantage of her until she attacks.


A man passed out from intoxication

Caoimhe also has the ability to intoxicate people so that they become drunk. It slows their reactions and makes then vulnerable. Although Caoimhe has this ability she still chooses to hit the bottle every now and then. The ability is used by touch.

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