Causality Perception
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Ryker analysing the stock market
Ability to:
see cause and effect

Causality perception is the ability to perceive all cause and effect relations.



Ryker Miller

Ryker has the ability to see cause and effect relations. This means that he can see the consequences of an action before it takes place. He manifested the ability in his teens along with his other abilities, and was instantly able to calculate what will happen next after certain events had taken place. The ability allows Ryker to analyse a situation and decide what action is best to take, thus achieving maximum efficiency in offence, defence, and strategy. Ryker is able to effectively anticipate all variables when making a decision, which aids him in his job as Head of Tactical Operations at the Organisation. He is skilled at predicting events that may happen, playing chess and also predicting movements in the stock market.

Quinn Maitland-McKay

Quinn will be able to see cause and effect relations as well. She will be able to analyse any situation, calculating the odds of different outcomes and perceiving which is the most likely to occur. She will be able to perceive every possible consequence to every action. This will help her to analyse situations and make effective decisions. She will use it to help her fight and also to analyse movements in the stock market, helping her to invest well.

Similar Abilities

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