Celestial Manipulation
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Manipulating the sun to change the time of day
Ability to:
manipulate celestial objects

Celestial manipulation is the ability to manipulate all celestial objects.



Matthew-John Evans

Matthew can use this ability to manipulate all celestial objects. The movements of the sun, moon, stars and planets can be altered, as can the level of light emitted or reflected from them. Solar flares, supernovas and black holes can be created, and gravity can be manipulated. It can also indirectly alter the tides, the weather and the behaviour of several living creatures. Eclipses can be caused, which like natural ones also block abilities temporarily.

Layla Reed

Layla can use this ability to manipulate the movements and position of the sun and moon, therefore affecting light levels and temperature and the tides. However, she finds doing this slow, and is less potent than someone possessing temperature manipulation, photokinesis or light, shadow and darkness manipulation. She can also create small supernovas and black holes, can control their size and placement and can close them instantly. Additionally, she can create eclipses which block the abilities of others.

Hanae Nakamura

Hanae's ability will enable her to manipulate the sun, moon and stars. This will let her alter levels of light, the time of day or night and the seasons, the movements of the tides and the behaviours of different animals and plants. She will be capable of creating small explosions which will resemble supernovas and vortexes which will resemble miniature black holes. Additionally, her ability will give her immunity to the ability-negating effects of eclipses. However, any eclipses she causes will not have their own negating effects. 

Similar Abilities

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