Charles Stockton is a recurring character used by Pippy in World 2. He is one of the teachers at the Gifted Academy, and works here because of a debt he owes Pippy Gray for saving him once previously. He is 41 years old, and he has the abilities of Spirit Location, Energy Transfusion and Free Spirit. He's originally from California but now lives in New York due to his work.


Like most characters in this world, Charles has 3 abilities. All his are connected to energy and the spirit.

  • His first ability is Spirit Location, the ability to locate any spirit, dead or alive
  • His second is Energy Transfusion, the ability to give energy to others, either to heal them or to increase their speed or strength
  • His final ability is Free Spirit. With this ability, he can cast his spirit out of his body even if the body is fine, and it will happen automatically if he's fatally injured. He can communicate in this form, and let select people see him. His spirit is immortal.

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