Charm Smile
Smile for the camera

Zach using his charm smile
Ability to:
charm others into doing what one wants by smiling at them

Charm smile is the ability to charm people into doing what one wants, by smiling at them.



This ability enables a person to make others do what he or she wants them to do, by smiling at them. It is difficult to charm more than one person at any given time, with the difficulty increasing as the number of people increases, and sometimes there are limits to the things people will do before they snap out of the charm's effect - e.g. it may be impossible to charm someone into murder. However, this has not yet been shown. Some people are also better at resisting than others, if they naturally have more willpower or if they're prepared, and the ability cannot be used on another who has it. Also, if the character was prevented from physically smiling, they would be unable to use the ability.

Similar Abilities

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