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Molly pinpointing a person's location
Ability to:
discover the current location of any living person
Molly Walker (canon)

Molly Walker World 2

Molly Walker World 8

Adam Soo Hoo

Victoria Scott

Peter Petrelli World 2 (via empathic mimicry and intuitive aptitude)

Peter Petrelli World 3 (via empathic mimicry)

Peter Petrelli World 8 (via empathic mimicry)

Peter Petrelli World 11 (via empathic mimicry)

Robert Max (via empathic mimicry)

Gemma Jones

Liz Jones (via empathic mimicry)

Claire Bennet World 3


Simon (via a blood bond)

Abbie Gray (via empathic mimicry)


Beatrice Petrelli

Clairvoyance is the ability to detect the current location of any individual.



The individual usually needs either a photograph of someone or a memory of them before they can locate them, although the ability has occasionally been shown to work with just a name. Often, a map and a pin is also used, to further pinpoint the location. The individual will often see flashes of locations, zooming inwards. If the one they are trying to find is telepathic, the clairvoyant will make herself or himself vulnerable to this person while searching, and can be trapped in a nightmare or knocked unconscious. The only time the ability will not work is if it is blocked in some way, or if the individual searched for is dead.

Similar Abilities

  • Trailing detects the past locations of an individual
  • Tracking can find a person by producing a yellow beam which leads to that person
  • Tracking skill is the ability to be specifically skilled in tracking people and animals
  • Precognitive instincts can also be used to locate someone when combined with teleporting
  • Information production can be used to locate someone
  • Sensing be used to sense where a person is
  • Detection can also detect a person's location
  • Location detection can detect the location of places, people and objects
  • Astral trailing is the ability to project one's astral body to the past, in order to see where and when an individial was

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