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Teddy cloaking an object
Ability to:
hide different things, including people, objects and information

Cloaking is the ability to hide different things.



Adam Brody

Adam was able to cloak many things, including his appearance, information about himself, locations and even his ability so it could not be taken, stolen or mimicked. The ability was used consciously in his case, and it was stated that it could sometimes be difficult for him to cloak huge pieces of information for a long amount of time, though he was never shown struggling to do so.


Teddy has this ability also, though his seems more limited. Although not much has been seen of his ability it seems he can make objects or himself disappear and then reappear. He would also often cloak the entire carnival, preventing Company agents from finding it. In World 1, he's used this ability to prevent Keitaro Kiryuu from mimicking an ability, but he was not showed using the ability this way canonically nor in any other world.

Gabriella Bennet

Gabriella gained this ability empathically from Adam and has his limits.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has mimicked this ability from both Teddy and her sister, therefore she has the same limits as Adam.

Noah Gray

Noah also has the same limits as Adam.

Peter Petrelli

Peter too has the same limits as Adam.

Victoria Lewis

Victoria quickly learned to use this ability to cloak many things. She can use to cloak herself and other people, effectively making them invisible, and can also cloak information, memories and abilities. She can prevent abilities from being detected or sensed, but not automatically copied or mimicked. She normally cloaks the ability itself, to prevent people from detecting it and becoming suspicious. Since she was resurrected after Luke Aaran killed her, she has been using her ability to prevent LCP Corps from learning of her survival.

Similar Abilities

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