Darrien commanding a dragon to exist
Ability to:
persuade others and manipulate reality with verbal commands

Command is the ability to persuade people and alter reality via speech.



Darrien Steffan Petrelli

Darrien can use this ability to persuade others and to manipulate reality in any way he chooses. However, altering reality is energetically taxing for him, and overuse can leave him unconscious, comatose or even dead. The more unrealistic the command, the more energy it takes from him, and so the ability can be helped using probability twisting or manipulation. This is part of the reason why he will always be so close with his sister Tessa. The energy loss caused by command can't be healed away, but it can be replaced using an energy transfusion. This has been shown twice in the future using energy manipulation. Darrien has discovered a few limits with this ability: namely, that there are some forms of deaths which he cannot command to revive. However, he can bypass this by using a double command: commanding his second command to work before voicing it. This will take so much energy that it would kill him. Another limitation is that he must be able to speak to use the ability, and cannot use any other form of communication such as writing or sign language. He needs to be heard in order to persuade others. Use of the ability deepens his voice and gives it an authoritative edge. He can usually control when the ability activates, easily, since he needs to will something to occur for it to work, though he's been shown to lose control of it and use it accidentally in the future, when he was extremely angry and wasn't being careful over what he said.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has similar limits to Darrien, except that he would be slightly less weakened by the ability because he also has regeneration. He is currently unaware of the use of a double command.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to her uncle.

Noah Gray

Noah has similar limits to his uncle and sister.

Lowri Capet

Similarly to Darrien, Lowri can use this ability to persuade others and to alter reality. She has never displayed any weakening from it, possibly due to her vampiric nature and its resulting rapid healing. She has yet to discover any circumstances in which Command will not work, but has once used it to force a person to live. She only uses the ability deliberately.

Samuel Capet

Sam would have the same limits as Lowri, but is yet to use this ability.

Similar Abilities

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