Emma can read a Japanese newspaper
Ability to:
communicate with anyone and anything

Communication is the ability to communicate with anyone and anything.



Emma Parkman

Emma's ability can be used for any form of communication. With it, she can communicate telepathically, projecting thoughts into the minds of others and also controlling thoughts to some degree. It also includes omnilingualism, so she can understand and communicate in all languages, verbal and non-verbal. It can be used to interpret codes and find hidden meanings, and to communicate with the Earth, with animals, with machines and with spirits. It aided her in learning to speak rapidly, as an infant.

Abbie Gray

Since Abbie mimicked this ability from Emma, she has similar limits.

Noah Gray

Noah also has similar limits to Emma and his twin.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has similar limits to Emma.

Ryan Copon

Ryan can communicate telepathically with any individual, no matter the distance between them and him. He doesn't need to know the person to do so, but he needs a name or a description of them in order to aim his communication. The ability enables him to understand, speak and write in every known language. He can also gain information from communicating with the earth, with plants and animals and with machines. The ability also seems to improve his skills of communication so that he doesn't often get misunderstood or misunderstand others himself.

Matt Parkman Jnr

Currently, this ability enables Matt to communicate telepathically with people nearby, and to speak more clerly and fluently than he normally would at his age. He can also understand people speaking in any language. In future he will be able to speak in any language himself, and read and write in them too. He will learn to communicate telepathically over longer distances, but only with people he knows. He will be able to communicate with animals, plants and machines.

Similar Abilities

  • Omnilingualism is the ability to understand and speak any language
  • Thought projection can project thoughts into somebody
  • Telepathy is the power to control the mind as well as hear thoughts
  • Psychokinesis can also be used to communicate telepathically and control thoughts
  • Earth communication is the ability to communicate with the Earth
  • Animal communication is the ability to communicate with animals
  • Zoopathy can also be used to communicate telepathically with animals
  • Technopathy can be used to communicate with machines
  • Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirits
  • Cryptopathy is the ability to understand all languages and codes, and to write in an indecipherable code

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