Conscious Ability Duplication
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Consciously duplicating an ability
Ability to:
permanently duplicate the abilities of others when choosing to do so and in contact with the person

Conscious ability duplication is the ability to consciously duplicate the abilities of others upon physical contact.



Anna Vaughan

Anna has, to date, used this to duplicate five abilities. She could have more but chooses to be cautious and only copy an ability when she needs it, as she fears exposure. She can duplicate mimicked abilities from those with a multiple ability, but she then cannot copy the core ability. When she duplicates an ability, a small flash of light appears from her hand, and she gains that power permanently. She requires physical contact, and also needs to consciously choose to copy the ability, unless augmented at the time. When augmented, her resulting new temporary ability seems to resemble empathic mimicry in a way. However, although she mimics without needing physical contact or a conscious choice, she can only mimic one ability at a time, and she appears to mimic whatever ability the individual last used.

Daniel Vaughan-Greene

Dann has not used the ability yet, and is unlikely to do so. His own core ability makes it effectively void.

Aidan Walken

Aidan has similar limits to Anna. Like her, he too requires contact and conscious thought, and the duplication appears as a flash of white light. He has mimicked four abilities to date.

Similar Abilities

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