Cordelia as a baby

Cordelia Heidi Redford is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 11: Villains. She will be the eldest daughter and child of Naomi and Iain Redford. She will possess the abilities of Ability Borrowing and Photokinesis.



Cordelia as an adult

Cordelia will be similar to her mother in appearance. She will have inherited Naomi's brown hair and dark brown eye colouring. She will be similar in build to her mother too, but will be several inches taller when fully grown. Her skin will not be as pale and she will tan more easily than either her parents.


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A man borrowing an ability

Cordelia's first ability will be Ability Borrowing. She will be capable of temporarily borrowing the abilities of others. She won't be able to choose which ability she takes: she will automatically take whatever ability the individual last used, and if he or she has a passive ability this will always be the one taken. The individual will lose the capacity to use the ability while Cordelia has it, but will regain it once more after twenty four hours exactly. Cordelia will also lose the ability at the same time. She won't be able to return an ability earlier, or force it to remain with her for a longer duration of time. She will need physical contact and a conscious choice to borrow an ability. When she first does so, she won't know she is capable of borrowing it, but will succeed since her desire for the ability will amount to a conscious choice. The borrowing will be visible as a brief flash of white light.

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Manipulating light

Her second ability will be Photokinesis. Cordelia will be capable of creating and manipulating light. She will be able to emit light from her body and will also be able to create beams and spheres of light in her vicinity. Additionally, she will be able to manipulate existing light. She could affect the intensity of light by making it dimmer or brighter, move lights around and change colours by manipulating the wavelength of light.

Family & Relationships

History & Future


Cordelia is an English name which means "daughter of the sea, "jewel of the sea" or "heart of the sea". Her middle name, Heidi, means "noble one". Her surname of Redford is an English name meaning "red river crossing".

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